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XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil

Product Code: XLM

Formulated for superior automotive engine lubrication and fuel efficiency.

AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • API SL
  • FORD WSS-M2C153-H
  • ILSAC GF-3


AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil provides superior wear protection, performance and fuel economy for 7,500 miles or six months in vehicles calling for a 5W-20 motor oil. It exceeds 5W-20 lubrication requirements and offers a high degree of convenience and savings through its ability to increase fuel economy and protect engines for extended periods.

Resists High Temperature Vaporization

Conventional motor oils tend to "boil off" in high temperatures, losing up to 15 percent of their original weight. These vaporized oils circulate poorly, reduce fuel efficiency and contribute to excessive emissions and engine wear. AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil resists vaporization. In fact, according to the NOACK Volatility Test, which measures the weight loss of an oil due to evaporations, AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-20 only loses 9.8 percent of its weight in high temperature service, surpassing rigorous European standards set at 13 percent weight loss in high temperature testing. The superior vaporization resistance of AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-20 keeps engine wear, oil consumption and emissions to a minimum, while keeping oil circulation efficient and fuel economy high.

Enhances Fuel Economy and Reduces Emissions

The low viscosity of AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil promotes maximum engine power with minimal frictional losses, increasing fuel economy and reducing emissions.

Provides High Shear Stability

AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil retains its protective viscosity at temperatures and loads that cause conventional oils to shear back to a lower viscosity. AMSOIL 5W-20 remains a 5W-20, preventing wear and promoting fuel efficiency under the hottest and heaviest-loaded conditions.

Resists Oxidation and Thermal Breakdown

Conventional oils oxidize in high operating temperatures, producing sludge and deposit build-up that contribute to corrosion, increased engine wear and decreased fuel economy. AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil resists oil breakdown, maintaining its cooling and lubricating properties and providing extended drain intervals. It continues to provide maximum protection at temperatures that oxidize conventional oils. The advanced heat transfer capabilities and high lubricity of AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil keep engines running in their optimum temperature range for top performance and long life.

Provides Low Temperature Protection

The exceptional cold temperature properties of AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil provide immediate cold start lubrication in cold temperatures, greatly reducing engine wear and prolonging engine life. During sub-zero temperatures, it flows to all parts of the engine much quicker than conventional petroleum oils.

Provides High Temperature Protection

AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil offers high temperature engine protection and performance. Its outstanding heat-transfer capabilities keep engines operating in their optimal temperature range in high-stress conditions.

Inhibits Rust and Corrosion

AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil contains special rust and corrosion inhibitors to protect iron parts, as well as copper, lead and aluminum bearing materials.

Provides Extended Drain Intervals

AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil features a superior synthetic composition and advanced performance additives, providing superior protection for 7,500 miles or six months (whichever comes first).


AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil may be used in gasoline engines requiring oils meeting the following specifications:

  • FORD WSS-M2C153-H


AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil is compatible with conventional petroleum oils; however, mixing AMSOIL 5W-20 with a conventional oil may shorten the drain period of AMSOIL 5W-20. Engine oil additives or after-market products are not recommended for use with AMSOIL 5W-20.


In gasoline-fueled passenger vehicles in normal or sever service, change AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil at 7,500-mile or six-month intervals, whichever comes first.

Change oil filters with every oil change or according to the automaker's filter change interval recommendation.

Premium quality AMSOIL Full-Flow Oil Filters are recommended for use with AMSOIL XL-7500 Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil.






Kinematic Viscosity @ 100C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Kinematic Viscosity @ 40C, cSt (ASTM D-445)


Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270)


CCS Viscosity, cP @ (C) (ASTM D2602)

3670 (-30)

Flash Point C (F) (ASTM D 92)

230 (446)

Fire Point C (F) (ASTM D 92)

244 (471)

Pour Point C (F) (ASTM D 97)

-42 (-44)

Noack Volatility, % weight loss (g/100g) (ASTM D-5800)


High Temperature/High Shear Viscosity @ 150C and 1.0 X 106 s-1, cP (ASTM D4683)


Four Ball Wear Test (ASTM D 4172 @ 40 kgf, 150C, 1800 rpm, 1 hour, Scar in mm)


Total Base Number


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